Build the Mosque in Somerset Hills

New Activism coming soon.

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7 Responses to Build the Mosque in Somerset Hills

  1. Bill says:

    I saw you post over at Lunaticoutpost. I grew up in the Dover area of Morris County. Third world has arrived thanks to these skunks that hire them. Towns, Counties and States are going bankrupt over “Cheap Labor”. When I saw the quote from Jeb Bush on top I thought you were making a joke. Then found out is was real. Jeb Bush is a real sick puppy. Might be interested in

  2. Bill says:

    Forgot the add the link from the forum that might be of interest to Somerset County folks.

  3. Hi Bill, they can share in the responsibility of their choices as all communities should. No more ‘enclaves’ or sheltered areas.

  4. XXXXXXcontractingxxxxservices says:

    I’m a driver that comes to the area once in a while. I was quite surprised when I read the blog.

    My experience with the immigration issue has been very difficult. Not only in business but with my family. My kids were constantly threatened and attacked because they were American and White by immigrant students at the school. The administration refused to do anything about it. We had to move from a house that has been in our family for generations for the safety of our children. These people who hire immigrant landscapers, contractors or others put other Americans in danger besides taking away their livelihood. The should have a Mosque and a violent Drug cartel in their town.

    • They are arrogant and selfish with no regard for the consequences of their actions. Americans have to pay dearly for their labor in so many ways. They will be repaid with a Mosque.

  5. OK Andrew,
    Lemme make sure I’m hearing you correctly.
    You’ve been pushed out of the quick response cleanup game by the likes of ServePro and ServiceMaster. Since you can’t beat them at their game you’re going to lash out at who you feel the real cuplrits must be- upper management that you at one time tried to court with your traditional cleaning services.
    Since you’re having trouble succeeding it ‘s only fair that they be dragged down closer to your level through whatever means necessary, correct?
    If those big whigs up in Montclair don’t want a good ‘ol boy from Glassboro doing their cleaning then they gotta pay, right?
    From the outside looking in here I gotta say I think you coulda taken that idle time you had and applied it to bettering the products and services you offer.
    Maybe even pickup Spanish as a second language, load up your van with half a dozen Paraguayans and contract yourself out to Preserve Liberty Corner planting lawn signs throughout Central NJ. There’s plenty o no-speaks at every stop on the Gladstone line that have good papers if you don’t wanna go raw-dog. (They charge $12 an hr instead of $10 tho.) Same with the Bay Head and Trenton Lines too.
    Then take that referral from the homeowners like yourself who happen to live in Bernards Township over to the good people of Boonton who are left and offer your lawn sign planting services to them. When Rowan overdevelops your neighborhood with no regard for your quality of life you will already have the infrastructure in place to snatch up all of the lawn sign planting contracts in Glassboro, causing your business to triple in size. In no time at all you’ll be right up on top. Andy Yurchuck, CEO.
    See Andrew, it took me 45 minutes from the time I picked up ur flier at Far Hills to figure out that it’s not a mosque for muslims that you want. You want others that have succeded to be klept at the knee so that maybe you will finally get what you feel you deserve but couldn’t achieve since you chose to enter a gratificationless profession with a poor business model and haven’t been able to adjust to current market trends.
    Good Luck with the idle time you’re gonna spend on your conservative mothership of environmental reparations sir.
    For some reason I feel like you’re going to be idle until someone out there Makes America Great Again.

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